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Department of Youth and Sports

Department of Youth & Sports (DYS) initially established in 1992 is now attached to the Ministry of Education. This move emphasized the increasing priority given to youth development by the Fiji Government.

The Department is Government's arm responsible for the formulation and implementation of policies and programmes targeted at empowering youths to create a better future through informed choices. The department is also responsible for the promotion and development of sports, its infrastructure throughout Fiji, all within the framework of national planning, policies and priorities.The department endeavours to strengthen its services to capture and develop the full potential of young people and motivate them to be proactive and productive citizens in the nation's socio-economic development process.

Rural youth potentials are being harnessed by encouraging youth into implementing Small enterprise Development projects for self-employment and improved livelihood. Youth development programmes of the Department involve the provision of advisory and technical services for youths and youth groups to enable them to become socially responsible and economically self reliant.

Statistical Abstracts

This contains explanatory notes and tables on Labour Supply (population, education, scholarships); Labour Demand (employment, number of jobs created in the IHRDPEP sub-programme); and Labour Market Operation (labour market outcome of graduates).

Reports Collections

A list of books, reports, publications, and essays on Labour Supply, Labour Demand and Labour Market Operation in alphabetical order of the author’s surnames and indicating where the material could be accessed.

    Database Collections

    This contains selected data from the producers' databases on Labour Supply (graduates of tertiary institutions); Labour Demand (numbers employed in the Civil Service, Total formal sector employments); and Labour Market Operation (Number of jobs applied for a particular job by job application for minimum applications and qualifications required).

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