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Public Service Commission (PSC)

The Public Service Commission is the central personnel authority for the Public Service and it's primary aim is to making a difference through the achievement of "Excellence in Public Service Delivery".

The Ministry plays a very vital role with regards to labour market as it is the biggest employer in the country. As well, PSC is the main scholarship provider to unpriviledged students to undergo tertiary education locally and internationally. Civil servants and employees in a private sector also benefited from the PSC scholarship offered where it equipped students before entering the workforce and enhance the acquired skills of those already in the workforce thus this could lead to increase in productivity level. PSC also facilitates overseas scholarships offered by other countries.

Local Scholarships offered by PSC includes:

i.  PSC Scholarship;
ii. Student Loan Scheme;
iii. Multi Ethnic Affairs; and
iv. Fijian Affairs Scholarship

Statistical Abstracts

This contains explanatory notes and tables on Labour Supply (population, education, scholarships); Labour Demand (employment, number of jobs created in the IHRDPEP sub-programme); and Labour Market Operation (labour market outcome of graduates).

Reports Collections

A list of books, reports, publications, and essays on Labour Supply, Labour Demand and Labour Market Operation in alphabetical order of the author’s surnames and indicating where the material could be accessed.

Database Collections

This contains selected data from the producers' databases on Labour Supply (graduates of tertiary institutions); Labour Demand (numbers employed in the Civil Service, Total formal sector employments); and Labour Market Operation (Number of jobs applied for a particular job by job application for minimum applications and qualifications required).

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For more information, please contact:

The Chief Executive Officer,
Public Service Commission,
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Ph: (679) 3314 588
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