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Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF)

FNPF was established in 1966 as a social security savings scheme for workers when they retire at the age of 55. FNPF provides other services prior to retirement. These include a member who is incapacitated and is not able to work, and for the financial support of survivors in the unfortunate event of death. FNPF also provides a number of pre-retirement withdrawals to members for home ownership, healthcare and education. FNPF is jointly supported by employees, employers and government.

FNPF plays a vital role in providing labour market statistics with regards to the number of employers and estimates on the total number of people working and new entrants into the labour force (formal & informal sector).

Human Resources Data produced by FNPF:

Statistical Abstracts

This contains explanatory notes and tables on Labour Supply (population, education, scholarships); Labour Demand (employment, number of jobs created in the IHRDPEP sub-programme); and Labour Market Operation (labour market outcome of graduates).

    Reports Collections

    A list of books, reports, publications, and essays on Labour Supply, Labour Demand and Labour Market Operation in alphabetical order of the author’s surnames and indicating where the material could be accessed.

      Database Collections

      This contains selected data from the producers' databases on Labour Supply (graduates of tertiary institutions); Labour Demand (numbers employed in the Civil Service, Total formal sector employments); and Labour Market Operation (Number of jobs applied for a particular job by job application for minimum applications and qualifications required).

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      For more information, please contact:

      The General Manager & Chief Executive,
      Fiji National Provident Fund,
      FNPF Plaza,
      Private Mail Bag,
      Fiji Islands.

      Ph: (679) 330 7811
      Fax: (679) 330 7611