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Ministry of Education (MOE)

The Ministry of Education is responsible for the administration and management of education policy and delivery of educational services. It provides the curriculum frameworks, policy guidelines and directions, and qualified teaching personnel that support all schools in the delivery of quality education for students.

The core business of the Ministry of Education is the delivery of education and training services with these being provided specifically to:

  • schools, pre-schools and training centres
  • students in the years of compulsory schooling and those participating in Forms 5, 6 and 7 studies including vocational education and training programmes
  • teaching personnel
  • school management and controlling authority.

The Ministry has corresponding responsibilities for:

  • the provision of services to the Minister, Statutory Agencies, Cabinet and Government
  • the management of resource planning and policy development related to education and training
  • the provision of programme support to education and training institutions
  • the regulation and recognition of education and training providers and accreditation of programme delivery
  • accounting for the resources allocated by government to the Fiji Islands education system.

The Ministry is also charged with responsibility for ensuring that standards in education are met and maintained and the human, physical and the financial resources allocated to education by the government are appropriately directed and expended.

Human Resources Data available by the Ministry:

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