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Chief Executive Officer Company Name: admin Approximate Salary: Not Specified Location: Suva, Central Country: Fiji Industry: Management Position type: Full Time Experience level: < 2 years Education level: Bachelor's Degree ID 2433 Short Description: Chief Executive Officer Long Description: VACANCY - Chief Executive Officer Background The Fiji Roads Authority (FRA) is a newly established statutory body, formed under the Fiji Roads Authority Decree 2012 and its core function includes effective management and administration of the roads system, bridges and jetties in Fiji. FRA will be governed by a Board appointed by the Minister (currently the Prime Minister). In the transition phase the FRA is being managed by Fiji Roads Advisory Committee (FRAC) appointed by the Minister and Chaired by the ‘Permanent Secretary – Prime Minister’s Office The Incumbent The Authority is seeking to recruit a dynamic, highly competent and experienced person for the position of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is excited about the very significant opportunities for both professional advancement and personal fulfillment that the position offers. The appointee will work alongside the Change Manager as ‘CEO Designate’. The CEO will be responsible to the FRAC Board, and will take a lead role in the transition and setting up of the newly established authority. Functions The following are the key functions that will be performed by the CEO * Policy advice and general management support to the appointed Authority including attending all meetings of the Authority, submission of a monthly progress report and any such additional functions and duties as the Authority (or the Authority Chairman) may from time to time require. * Strong leadership of a competent Executive Management Team –driven by a desire to produce the very best results, within the prescribed times, as efficiently as possible. * Responsible for the preparation and regular review of an Asset Management Plan, annual updating of the Corporate Plan, the annual SOI, Half-Yearly Report and Annual Report. * Responsible for preparation and regular review of an Asset Management Policy and an Asset Management Strategy. * Responsible for the preparation, regular review and up-date, and ensuring full compliance with Procurement Plan, Asset Disposal Policy, Contracts’ Management Policy, Contracts Register, Policy Manual and Delegations Register. * Ensure customer service, management and technical performance targets listed in the Asset Management Plan, the Corporate Plan and the SOI are achieved. * Responsible for protection of the Authority’s intellectual property rights, protection and enhancement of the Authority’s reputation, installation and management of an effective risk management framework, safe custody of the Authority’s assets and records and every three years commission an independent technical and safety audit (peer review) of the Authority’s affairs. * Responsible for the preparation and regular review of a Business Continuity Plan and an Operations Recovery Plan – and for the effective and efficient management of any emergency event. * Ensure that the Improvement Plan that is identified in the Asset Management Plan is effectively implemented and that the target dates mentioned therein are met. * Maintain a constructive close working relationship with the appointed Authority, strong management of Consultants and Contractors, installation and oversight of an effective Public Relations regime, provide and maintain an inviting website and effectively promote the Authority’s best interests to others at all times. * Formulate and recommend to the Authority a short and long term plan for managing all roads in Fiji in a more integrated and prioritised way. * Encourage the continuing personal development of all employees. Proactively identify opportunities for them in this regard. Work with the FRA’s Engineering Services’ advisors and contractors to mentor and upskill all employees in order to build a more competent land transport workforce. * Responsible to common accountabilities outlined for FRA positions. Qualifications /Experience The person applying for this position must have an appropriate Tertiary Qualification (Not necessarily an Engineer). Required personal attributes for the position are integrity, proven leadership abilities, good people and communication skills, excellent negotiation skills and political nous. A proven record of managing for the achievement of outcome results and of managing change (not inputs) is required. The applicant must have a financial (especially value for money) perspective – including good prioritisation and risk management skills. He/She should be a visionary strategic thinker. Any relative higher qualifications may be considered relevant but, not essential. Remuneration An attractive salary package with benefits will be negotiated with the incumbent dependent on qualifications and experience. The appointment will be for an initial term not exceeding three years. The appointee may be eligible for re-appointment but solely at the Authority’s discretion. Applications All applications marked confidential should include detailed Curriculum Vitae and to be addressed as follows: “VACANCY- CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER - FIJI ROADS AUTHORITY” THE PERMANENT SECRETARY/CHAIRMAN- FIJI ROADS ADVISORY COMMITTEE OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER P. O. BOX 2353 GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS SUVA FIJI. Or email to: All applications are to be sent no later than Monday 30 April, 4.00pm.

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